Exciting Transition to New Service Offerings

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We are thrilled to announce our transition to new service offerings focused on compliance around water management, legionella prevention, and achieving your sustainability goals. Amphiro joined forces with Oras Group and launced an new service offering. This digital services initiative is specifically designed to support businesses in Austria, Finland, Germany and Sweden.

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Digital hand shower

The award-winning Digital Hand Shower is designed to help you save water - with little effort. The integrated display gives real-time feedback on your water and energy consumption. By connecting the shower to an app, it can revolutionize your relationship to water.
Digital Hand Shower - the smart choice for a better future.

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Digital Water Services

Our new service offering helps all parties of the building: the users, the maintainers, and the owners. It also promotes health and supports the environment.
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  • Legionella prevention
  • Water management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water quality

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